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Mining is our Past. Not Our Future.

Protect our air, water, and quality of life.

Stop the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

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Mining is our Past. Not Our Future.

Protect our air, water, and quality of life.

Stop the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

Rise Gold, a junior mining company with a questionable history, tried to reopen the Idaho-Maryland Mine in Grass Valley, CA and got rejected. But the story isn't over yet. 

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THE COUNTY vOTED Unanimously against the mine THREE TIMES, but it's not over yet. 

  1. May 2023: Nevada County Planning Commissioners unanimously recommended a NO vote on both the use permit for the project and the  Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The hearing was earthshaking.

  2. December 2023: County Supervisors unanimously rejected a separate petition submitted by Rise Gold claiming a "vested right" to mine the property without the need for a use permit.

  3. February 2024: County Supervisors voted unanimously 5-0 to reject the use permit and deny certification of the EIR. This final decision was a tremendous victory for the community .

    The last chapter hasn't been written yet. Rise Gold has threatened to sue the County

why stop the mine?

The majority of Nevada County residents – from both sides of the political spectrum – oppose the Idaho-Maryland Mine. They know that putting a toxic business in the middle of a residential area is a really bad idea. 

The project includes significant and unavoidable environmental impacts that endanger this community's health and quality of life. 
A few jobs and uncertain tax revenues just aren't worth the risk.

Celebrate the people who contributed to the final vote.

The Project Can't Be Fixed

After almost four years of development, the Final Environmental Impact Report and project plans still didn't solve several critical problems.  Read more.


CEA Foundation leads the MineWatch campaign to stop the mine

The MineWatch campaign is a community-wide, volunteer-driven effort led by Community Environmental Advocates Foundation. MineWatch brings together a coalition of residents, businesses, and nonprofit groups to oppose the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine. We contribute to Nevada County's decision with a respectful presence and well-researched analysis of the issues.


Together, volunteers have gathered over 5,500 petition signatures, gained support of 250 businesses, and delivered more than 2,500 postcards and emailed letters asking the County to “Just Say No” to the project. In addition, 26 local and state groups submitted a lengthy letter to the Nevada County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, which cited environmental and economic reasons to deny the project.

250 businesses signed against the mine
THE FIGHT Isn't Over

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The public part of this battle is done, but CEA Foundation and the 26 groups in the MineWatch Coalition will be watching the situation closely now that the County has rejected the mine. We’re ready to add our support in defending the County’s decision, if or when a lawsuit is filed.

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