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Rise Gold's plan calls for an estimated 42-48 billion watt hours per year (GWH). That's about 12% of what all of Nevada County uses in a year - and 100% of the electricity used by all of our businesses combined. The plans also calls for significant use of fossil fuels which contribute to greenhouse gas and climate change. 


The Nevada County Environment Action Plan calls for a significant reduction of residential electric use. As it turns out, that plan calls for a reduction of 42 GWH annually by 2035, the exact same yearly usage as the mine. In other words, the mine would completely erase our planned gains.

Residents of Nevada County are already struggling with severe climate-related impacts such as extreme drought, heat waves, water shortages, and threat of forest fires, so making the situation worse is not an option.


We also struggle with power shutoffs when PG&E can’t keep up with the demand on scorching hot summer days, not to mention our new reality of Public Safety Power Shutdowns (PSPS). Dramatic increases in demand may cause power interruptions for local businesses and people who need medical support.


Here are some talking points that can help.

  • Electric usage would be roughly 12% of Nevada County's total yearly energy consumption and 100% of usage for all of our current businesses combined.

  • Ongoing energy consumption would be roughly equivalent to adding 5000 new homes.

  • The Mine would completely eliminate the County's planned gains in its Environment Action Plan. 

  • The mine would result in staggering increases in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: 9000 metric tons annually.

  • Examples of significant activities that contribute to the problem include: diesel-powered heavy equipment, water pumping and treatment, and diesel truck traffic.

Watch this video to learn why just about any other industry could provide a greater return on investment to our community and just exactly how Rise Gold's "analysis" of their compliance with the Energy Action Plan creates misleading information.

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A YES vote for the mine is a NO vote for curbing climate change. Learn why we have No climate for reopening a mine in this opinion piece by Sharon Delgado from Earth Justice Ministries.

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Erases Plans to Curb Climate Change

The mine calls for massive energy usage- roughly 12% of what all Nevada County uses annually- which would strain our power grid and completely erase the county's plans to cut power consumption and curb climate change.