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Darrell Berkheimer: Mine survey lacks credibility

Read longtime Union columnist, Darrell Berkheimer’s analysis of Rise Gold’s recently published, privately funded survey. He criticizes both the methodology and the writing - saying that “any skilled writer knows how to phrase questions to get the desired result”. His conclusion? “It lacks credibility and the conclusions announced are not justified.”


Mr. Berkheimer further states that: "I have read and analyzed each of the 23 questions that comprise the survey by the J. Wallin Opinion Research company. I have concluded it is written to obtain the best results possible in favor of the mine reopening.

Any skilled writer knows how to phrase questions to obtain the desired results. The wording of the survey questions are designed to do just that, to falsely indicate there is strong support throughout the county for the reopening of the mine."

Read the rest in The Union.

Darrell Berkheimer lives in Grass Valley.


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