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Energy ROI: We Can Do Better - Martin Webb

A YES vote for the mine is a NO vote for climate change. Virtually any other industry could provide a better return on investment. See the analysis by the host KVMR Energy Report, Martin Webb.


Mr. Webb reveals the extraordinary power consumption plans planned for the proposed Idaho-Maryland Mine - equivalent to the total energy use of all of Nevada County businesses combined today. With the same amount of electricity, we are already providing 100x the jobs and earnings. There's no reason to damage our water supply or throw out our Energy Action Plan to curb climate change when almost every other industry can provide significantly higher jobs and earnings.

Guest speaker Martin Webb is the longtime host of KVMR’s Energy Report (now the Climate Report) and local solar energy expert, with a career spanning several decades as well as ownership of several local solar companies (Plan It Solar, Sierra Solar, and CA Solar Electric Co).

This was recorded as part of the MineWatch August 2021 Community Event. You can view the entire meeting here.


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