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Julie Becker: Clean up the Centennial site responsibly

Local resident, Julie Becker, takes issue with Christian Stewart's opinion piece criticizing the Community Environmental Advocates’ response to Rise Gold’s Centennial cleanup project.


In order for Rise Grass Valley (or Rise Gold) to reach the point of reopening the Idaho-Maryland Mine, they first have to clean up the Centennial dumping site — a site near Centennial Drive where toxic mine waste was deposited many decades ago.

In a recent Other Voices column, “Enviros would stymie cleanup,” the author smears the intent of Community Environmental Advocates, claiming the group is railing against rehabbing the site in a responsible way — a claim that is way off base.

The Remedial Action Plan that Rise Gold presented to the Department of Toxic Substances Control is seriously flawed and unsuitable — calling for the destruction of healthy wetlands, riparian areas, and native plant communities that cover close to 70% of the whole site.

Read the rest in The Union.

Julie Becker lives in Nevada City.


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