clean up needed

Rise Gold’s plans depend upon cleanup of the Centennial Site, which is a pre-superfund site. The County is treating them like two separate projects, but they need to be merged.

pre-superfund site

Rise Gold owns two sites, the Centennial site near downtown Grass Valley off of Idaho Maryland Road, and the larger Brunswick site at the intersection of East Bennett and Brunswick Roads. 

The Centennial site is a historically toxic site that is facing EPA Superfund designation. That designation has been paused for the time being because Rise Gold has agreed to clean up the site, but from the County's perspective, these are currently two completely separate projects. Legal experts tell us that the County needs to merge these into one project because the Centennial site needs to be cleaned up before the Idaho-Maryland Mine project can proceed. The Mine project intends to build engineered fill on the Centennial site.

take action

Write a letter today. Ask your Supervisor to merge the Centennial site cleanup with the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Idaho-Maryland Mine project.

Listen to Barbara Rivenes from the Sierra Club as she explains the EPA's requirements for cleaning up Centennial site and how that relates to the proposed reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine. 

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Map of the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

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