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About us

MineWatch is a community-wide, volunteer-driven campaign led by Community Environmental Advocates Foundation that brings together a coalition of residents, businesses, and nonprofit groups to oppose the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine. 


The MineWatch campaign is dedicated to contributing to the County's decision about the mine with a respectful presence and well researched analysis of the issues.


This website is designed to share community perspectives and research in a single place. It also acts as a centralized hub to help people learn and take action. 


We are residents, businesses, and nonprofits who are impacted by the proposed mining operations.


Each of us has a unique strength:

  • Researchers identify impacts

  • Advocates talk with government decision-makers

  • Legal minds collaborate and take action with environmental lawyers

  • Educators help citizens take action

This website brings together two types of content:

  • Research-driven perspectives
    Core web content and
    library content authored by CEA Foundation is accuracy-checked and reviewed by the research team at CEA Foundation, whose mission is to bring fact-based information to the community. 

  • Community perspectives
    The library also contains a collection of articles, presentations, and opinion pieces authored by coalition members, community residents, and others. The views and opinions expressed by other authors are those of the original creators and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CEA Foundation or the MineWatch campaign.


This site brings the best us all together to STOP THE MINE.

Minewatch is a grassroots effort funded by donations and grants.


The MineWatch campaign is brought to you by the Community Environmental Advocates Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works in collaboration with residents, businesses, and other nonprofits to provide analysis and advocacy on issues that impact our community. 

Coalition members include Sierra Club, Sierra Fund, Wolf Creek Community Alliance, San Juan Ridge Taxpayers’ Association, the South Yuba River Citizens League, and many others shown below. The goal is to provide fact-based information to the community so we can all make informed decisions. We are always open to fact-checks.

Your tax-deductible contribution helps with research, community education, and legal fees. CEA Foundation has hired the highly respected environmental law firm, Shute, Mihaly, and Weinberger, to assist with this effort. 


26 local and state groups call for denial of the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine in Grass Valley, California. In a lengthy letter to the Nevada County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, the MineWatch Coalition cites environmental and economic reasons to deny the project. 

“…the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine is not supported by a majority of Nevada County constituents. Nevada County is no longer a resource extraction county.  We have shifted onto a new 21st century green economy.  And our residents support this shift.  Are a few jobs and uncertain tax revenue worth the risk?”

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"Once again, a junior mining company wants to re-open the mine. We beat EmGold in the past. Together, we can beat this one too."


Ralph Silberstein, President, CEA Foundation