drains our water

wells at risk

Water is one of the most precious resources we have, but Rise Gold plans to pump out 3.6 million gallons every day for 6 months and another 1.2 for up to 80 years - flooding creeks, destroying habitat, and putting 300+ private wells at risk. 


More than 300 private wells in the mineral rights area and nearby are at risk of failing or becoming contaminated. Rise Gold has claimed that they have “best experts”, and other than a handful or homes already identified, the project poses "zero risk" to resident's water supplies.” But their claims are based on a flawed, privately funded study. We know from previous studies that the fractured rock groundwater hydrogeology of this area is extremely complicated and the impacts to groundwater are truly unpredictable.

impacts to habitat

Rise plans to “dewater” the abandoned tunnels, which means treating little South Fork Wolf Creek like a storm drain, damaging the downstream riparian zone. They also plan to completely erase 75 acres of woodlands, grasslands, and chaparral, replacing it with giant built up pads of mine waste that will kill all plant life and destroy all animal habitat.


Here are some talking points that can help.

  • Many hundreds of private wells are at risk because groundwater impacts of mining are truly unpredictable.

  • Rise Gold's claims of "zero risk to wells" are based on a flawed, privately funded hydrology study.

  • Potential well risks include: reduced output, contaminated water, or complete failure with no clear plan for a reliable or affordable replacement source.

  • 3.6 million gallons of treated wastewater will be released every day into South Fork Wolf Creek for 6 months, then 1.2 million gallons a day after that

  • The City of Grass Valley is investigating flood risk mitigation strategies. Costs are unknown at this time.

Rise Gold wants everyone to believe that people near the mine have "zero risk" of losing their wells, but a closer look at their data reveals a very different story. Listen to CEA Foundation President, Ralph Silberstein as he talks about the risks in a MineWatch meeting. (above) or read the article.

Listen to Jonathan Keehn from the Wolf Creek Community Alliance talk about how Rise Gold's plan to pump water out of the mine impacts our community.

View Water For Gold, a documentary about the nearby San Juan Mine, which shut down in the mid-90's after the mine drained residents' wells. 

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