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‘Without water, my property is worthless:’ Well owners want protection from Rise Gold Grass Valley

Well owners near the proposed Idaho-Maryland Mine are deeply concerned that the measures being taken to protect their only source of water aren't enough. Hear about the comments they made to Nevada County Supervisors.


Excerpts from a Union article by Staff Writer, Marianne Boll-See

Well owners and community organizations urged the Nevada County Board of Supervisors (BOS) to implement better safeguards to protect residents’ domestic wells at Tuesday’s regular board meeting.

Members of the Wells Coalition spoke about the need for baseline data required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) before Rise Gold Corporation’s proposed reopening of the Idaho-Maryland mine continues.

“It is imperative that we have a process in place to gather baseline data for our wells before there is any further movement on this proposal. We could, literally, be facing life altering consequences and complete financial ruin without it…Without water, my property is worthless,” Tony Lauria from Grass Valley said.

‘Without water, my property is worthless:’ Well owners want protection from Rise Gold Grass Valley

Tony Lauria from Grass Valley described a catastrophic event in the real possibility that well owners may experience: “You wake up and discover all the pressure is gone from the faucets...Oh my god! Without water, my property is worthless...Where is the protection from my county?”


The Wells Coalition urged the supervisors to initiate a comprehensive domestic well monitoring program for a minimum of three years and to include the baseline data in a revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIR) prior to any dewatering of the mine.

“Gravity! Nothing can stop it from drawing down water to its lowest point,” Tony Lauria told the BOS.


Read the rest of the article online at The Union.


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