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Tell the Nevada County Board of
Supervisors you want them to...

Stop The Idaho-Maryland Mine

Why Stop The Mine?

  • Pollutes our air with fugitive dust from rock crushing, loading, and truck hauling

  • Wrecks our neighborhoods with drilling, blasting, and truck traffic for 80 years

  • Devours our power using 12% of Nevada County’s consumption annually and putting our power grid under further strain

  • Completely erases our County’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions

  • Drains our water using South Fork Wolf Creek as a storm drain

  • Threatens 300+ private wells

  • Reduces property values and property tax revenue



Example - feel free to cut and paste


Dear Nevada County Supervisors,

Businesses, homeowners, and conservationists in Nevada County are joining together to protect our neighborhoods, our local economy, and our quality of life from the Rise Gold proposal to re-open the Idaho-Maryland Mine.  We, the undersigned, urge the Board of Supervisors to reject this destructive proposal and instead protect our community.  

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why are you asking for my street address and phone? 

    We need complete and verifiable information to present to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, including which petitioners live in each of their districts.

  • Can I sign this petition even if I don't live in Nevada County?

    Yes! It's important that our Supervisors know we have broad-based support beyond the County lines.

  • Who will receive my information?

    We will only share this petition and your information/comments with the Nevada County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

    By signing this petition, the only mailing list you will be added to is MineWatch. You can opt-out at any time.

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