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Add your name and comments to our group letter to Nevada County Supervisors below.

We're asking them to say NO to Rise Gold's outrageous petition for vested rights and schedule a final vote on the Idaho-Maryland Mine project as quickly as possible.

This letter is now CLOSED. Many thanks to the over 1,100 people who signed! It was presented at the Board of Supervisors regular meeting on December 5, 2023.



Nevada County Supervisors

Eric Rood Administrative Center
950 Maidu Avenue
Nevada City, CA 95959

Dear Nevada County Supervisors,    

Let’s finish this!

Rise Gold seems committed to using every imaginable manipulation to have their way with the Idaho-Maryland Mine. Don’t let them get away with it! 

As soon as their outrageous petition for vested rights has been exposed for the farce that it is, please move quickly to schedule your final vote on the project so we can all embrace what we’ve so painfully learned in the past 3 years. Mining has no place in this County’s residential communities. The risks just aren’t worth it. 

Consider that:

  • Last May, our planning commissioners unanimously recommended rejection of this project and its EIR.

  • In June, Rise submitted a meritless complaint letter designed to threaten and intimidate the County.

  • Rise’s early September petition for vested rights is little more than a desperate attempt to side-step the County’s potential rejection. Their assertion that mining has been “continuous” since regulations changed in 1954 is laughable.

  • Awarding vested rights would significantly impair the County’s authority over the project, effectively bypassing most controls included in the EIR and Use Permit process.

  • The recent replacement of Ben Mossman as CEO after he was found guilty of environmental charges in Canada doesn’t make any of the severe problems with this project go away.


This community deserves a clear, unambiguous decision about the mine.  Please don’t let Rise Gold’s endless supply of legal maneuvering cause further delays. I urge you to reject the vested rights petition and support the recommendations of your planning commission as soon as possible. The future of our community’s health and quality of life is in your hands.

Thank you,

Thanks for submitting!

Frequently Asked QuestionS
  • How do I know which district I live in?

    You can look it up on the county website, but for your convenience, here are the general descriptions:

    • District 1 includes Nevada City and the unincorporated areas of Banner Mountain, Cascade Shores, Deer Creek, and the Highway 174 corridor.

    • District 2 includes the communities of Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines, and unincorporated areas along Highway 49.

    • District 3 includes the City of Grass Valley, Cedar Ridge, the Brunswick Basin, Squirrel Creek, and unincorporated areas along Highways 49 and 20.

    • District 4 includes the communities of Penn Valley, North San Juan, Rough & Ready, Lake Wildwood, Spenceville, and unincorporated areas along Highways 20 and 49.

    • District 5 includes the Town of Truckee, and the communities of Soda Springs, Washington, Graniteville, Hirschdale, Boca, Floriston, and unincorporated areas along Highways 49, 20, 89, and Interstate 80.

  • ​Why are you asking for my street address?

    We need complete and verifiable information to present to Nevada County decision makers. Your address helps verify whether you live in Nevada County or somewhere else. 

  • Who will receive my information?

    We will only share this letter with the Nevada County Planning Department and Board of Supervisors.

    By signing this letter, the only mailing list you will be added to is the CEA Foundation / MineWatch Campaign. You can opt-out at any time.


  • What do I do if the reCAPTCHA verification widget just keeps spinning?
    .Try closing your browser, then opening the page again. This time, wait 15-30 seconds before you click into a form field to type your information. We believe the reCAPTCHA widget takes extra time to "load" into the web page in order to work correctly. 

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