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Join the hundreds of business owners who have voiced their opposition to the Idaho-Maryland Mine. Send us an email with your permission to add your signature to the letter below and we'll send it to the Nevada County Supervisors
Registered businesses located in Nevada County only please.

Nevada County Board of Supervisors

950 Maidu Avenue

Nevada City, CA 95959-8617


RE: Businesses OPPOSE Rise Gold’s proposal to re-open the Idaho-Maryland Mine


Dear Supervisors:


The undersigned businesses respectfully request that you oppose Rise Gold’s proposal to re-open the Idaho-Maryland Mine.


Mining is our past, not our future. During the past 50 years, Nevada County has worked diligently to attract people and investments that contribute to and renew its economic vitality through promising and sustainable enterprises which align with the aspirations of its residents. That is what continues to make this County an attractive place to live, to make a living, and to start new business ventures.


Reopening the mine risks a transformation from a community that is a scenic and cultural destination to an industrial town that tolerates excess noise, dust, and truck traffic. It would entail supporting a business that puts precious water resources at risk, generates significant greenhouse gases, and consumes so much energy that it would completely erase the county’s plan to reduce the effects of climate change. The mine could become a deterrent for many seeking to build new business opportunities in Western Nevada County, resulting in reduced community investment and property values. We welcome the County's call for an independent economic study of the impacts of the proposed mine and expect that it will include a non-mine alternative.


Rise Gold’s promises to inject money into the local economy may sound attractive, but Nevada County can do better by continuing to invest in existing industries as well as new enterprises that address current priorities in the Sierra like watershed and forest management.  The Economic Policy Institute Brief cited by Rise Gold actually shows that other industries can produce far better job numbers than mining, including eight industries Nevada County already has today. An economic study commissioned by the City of Grass Valley during Emgold’s attempt to reopen the Idaho-Maryland Mine in 2008 concluded that Nevada County would be better off economically if it pursued other opportunities than mining.  


An industrial gold mine would not be a constructive addition to our community. The social and economic benefits are far from clear. The environmental impacts are sobering.  


We urge you to protect our health, economy, and quality of life. Please deny Rise Gold’s application to reopen the Idaho-Maryland Mine.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



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Registered businesses located in Nevada County only please.


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