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Mining is our Past. Not Our Future.

Protect our air, water, and quality of life.

Stop the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

Rise Gold, a junior mining company with a questionable history, wants to reopen the Idaho-Maryland Mine in Grass Valley, CA. 

Thank you Nevada County Planning Commissioners for your unanimous vote to Just Say No to the Idaho-Maryland Mine! Your diligence and patience in listening to community concerns is deeply appreciated.  We hope the Board of Supervisors will accept your recommendation in August. 

The MineWatch Community

why stop the mine?

Residents and businesses from all walks of life know that putting a toxic business in the middle of our beautiful community today is a really bad idea. 

Nevada County Planning Commissioners have recommended a NO vote on both the project and the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR). Supervisors are expected to make the final decision "no sooner than" August 2023.

The FEIR includes significant and unavoidable environmental impacts that endanger this community's health and quality of life, including traffic, noise, and aesthetics. There are also serious deficiencies in the FEIR that put the County’s air, water, and more at even greater risk. A few jobs and uncertain tax revenues just aren't worth the risk. 

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26 local and state groups call for denial of the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine in Grass Valley, California. In a lengthy letter to the Nevada County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, the MineWatch Coalition cites environmental and economic reasons to deny the project. 

“…the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine is not supported by a majority of Nevada County constituents. Nevada County is no longer a resource extraction county.  We have shifted onto a new 21st century green economy.  And our residents support this shift.  Are a few jobs and uncertain tax revenue worth the risk?”

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