wrecks our neighborhoods

100 truck trips/day

The peace and quiet that brought homeowners to this beautiful area will be shattered. Constant truck traffic and noise from heavy equipment operations will become the new normal. 

Understand the impact

Running an industrial mining operation in the middle of a rural neighborhood has its consequences. The people who will be hardest hit are the residents and businesses in the Brunswick area, but Rise Gold's mineral rights extend far beyond that, so the area of impact would be quite large.

Rise Gold is fond of talking about all the measures they're taking to contain sound levels inside the plant, but there's a lot more outside that they're not talking about. This is still going to be an industrial mining operation.


Here are some key concerns.

  • An unsightly processing plant up to 122,000 square feet.

  • New truck traffic -- up to 100 round trips a day, 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. 

  • Constant construction noise for the first year and half. 

  • Grading and rock compacting to create engineered fill  - 7 days a week for 11 years. 

  • Noise from compacting, excavating, and grading engineered fill piles up to 7 stories tall.

  • Noise and vibration from underground blasting and drilling.

  • Rezoning is required in order to get the mining operation approved, raising the allowable limits on a variety of measures, including noise and traffic.

Listen to a talk about neighborhood impacts from a CEA Foundation community meeting.

Map of Idaho-Maryland Mine.

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