Idaho-Maryland Mine Mineral Rights Map

Wondering where the Mine is located? Are the mineral rights under your feet? Check out these three helpful maps.

The mine would be located at two sites; the Brunswick Industrial Site is 119 acres, at the junction of East Bennett Street and Brunswick Road and along Brunswick Rd. This is where the ore processing facilities and mine access shafts are planned. The second, 56-acre Centennial site, which was the site of the old Idaho-Maryland Mine and processing facilities, is along Idaho-Maryland Rd, east of Centennial Drive.

As shown in the map below, the underground mineral rights cover a huge area, about 2585 acres. These mineral rights extend west under Highway 49 and completely under Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, east of Brunswick Road under the Nevada County Airpark, north as far as Plaza Drive in Glenbrook Basin, and to Highway 174 and much of Cedar Ridge. The subterranean mining operations can potentially include all of this area and to within 200 feet of the surface.

The following map is from the Application Documents for the Idaho-Maryland Mine Permit, Nevada County, “Project Overview – Mineral Rights Revision 1 – ADDED 3/9/2020”

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