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‘Bringing communities together’: New director of The Sierra Fund poised to promote ‘eco-resiliency’

Our MineWatch Nevada County coalition partner, Sierra Fund, has a new director! Congratulations and welcome Joan Clayburgh!


Rebecca O'Neil reports: Six months after environmental activist Izzy Martin departed her executive director post at The Sierra Fund, the organization — dedicated to offering solutions to ecosystems detrimentally affected by human impact — has chosen a new leader.

Joan Clayburgh will offer oversight to The Sierra Fund for the nonprofit’s 20th anniversary, and said she hopes to help hone and promote models of advocacy and environmental repair for other communities.

“We rely on the principles of science and stewardship,” Clayburgh said. “Our solutions are (oriented) 360 degrees. They work for the environment, for the community. That’s how you actually get something done.”

Clayburgh said testing pilot ideas to identify what works, “adapting and scaling them up” are necessary to support climate healing at the current rate of its disrepair.

“What are the hurdles? That’s where the policy advocacy comes in (as) more resources are needed for the region,” Clayburgh said.

Read the rest in The Union.

Rebecca O’Neil is a staff writer with The Union. She can be reached at


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