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Darrell Berkheimer: Mine Snow Job Fails

Rise Gold's survey claiming the community supports the mine was a failure. "Residents here are well educated, well informed and not easily fooled", says Darrell Berkheimer, a columnist for the Union.


Rise Gold CEO Ben Mossman and J. Wallin Opinion Research have failed in their attempt to hoodwink Nevada County folks into thinking the reopening of Idaho-Maryland Mine would be good for the community.

They simply have been unable to snow the residents here with all the claims, promises and biased survey presentation. Instead, they learned that many residents here are well educated, well informed and not easily fooled.

That statement is well supported by the multitude of letters and other voices that poured into The Union from its readers during the past several weeks. Those strongly worded missiles from readers have provided a long list of good reasons for shooting down the mine proposal.

Read on in The Union.

Darrell Berkheimer lives in Grass Valley.


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