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Fast Facts: Mine Dewatering, Wells & NID

There are around 300 wells that could be impacted by dewatering of the mine

  1. “Before exploration and mining can proceed, the volume of water contained in existing workings must be removed from the underground workings. Removal of the static water within the flooded mine workings is referred to as the ‘initial dewatering.' Once the initial dewatering is completed, continued pumping is necessary to remove the groundwater that will constantly flow into the mine through fractures within the bedrock. For the purposes of this report, this is referred to as ‘maintenance dewatering.’”

  2. "In approving mining projects which according to expert opinion may threaten the existing quality or quantity of surface or subsurface water which supply adjacent homes and businesses, the County shall require the operator to guarantee a comparable supply of water to such homes or businesses through accessible forms of security or alternate sources of water. "

  3. "Where water quantity and quality problems occur, an immediate water supply shall be provided by the operator until the source of the problem is determined. The burden of proof shall be on the operator to show that the mining operation did not create the water problem. If it is determined that the operator is at fault, impacted owners shall be compensated by the operator.”

  4. NID would not require well owners to destroy their wells as long as the homeowner pays for a double check valve, to be installed at the meter. The cost is about $600-$800 ( 2008 dollars) and about a $5 monthly fee to pay for the annual check and upkeep and replacement of rubber seals.

  5. NID does not want one of the mitigation measures to be that the lateral pipelines are built but not used. They need to flow water and have users at the end of it otherwise the chlorine and water quality of the system is affected adversely.

  6. The NID hook up fee per parcel is roughly $8,000 (2008 dollars).

  7. The proposed NID pipeline overview map does not indicate any NID water service to parcels on the south side of E. Bennett Rd.

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