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Fast Facts: Power Use for Mine Ventilation

A large exhaust fan drawing will move air out of the mine 24 hours a day

  1. Air from the mine will be exhausted through the mine’s headframe at approximately 165’ above ground. The ventilation fan exhausting the air will operate continuously, 24 hours a day, every day, at 200,000 cubic feet per minute.

  2. The permit application estimates a PG&E power net load of 6,000 Kilowatts (KW). Total power is estimated at 42,757,000 Kilowatt-Hours (KWH) per year. This is approximately equivalent to the power used by 5,000 houses.

[1] Applicants Project Description, Nov 2019

[2] Air Quality and greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis Technical Report for the Idaho-Maryland Mine Project, Feb 2020, pp. 73-74:

Average energy usage per CA residence = 667 KWH / month = ~8000 KWH / year.


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