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Man behind plan to reopen Grass Valley gold mine faced charges. Here are the verdicts.

"Ben Mossman, the man behind a controversial plan to reopen a shuttered gold mine in Grass Valley, has been found guilty of 13 environmental crimes but was exonerated on another 10 counts in connection with another mine project in British Columbia."


Excerpts from a The Sacramento Bee article by Randy Diamond

July 20, 2023

The court ruling involves a failed gold mine on an island off the coast of British Columbia that turned into a toxic site due to mine waste leaks.

Ben Mossman is due to be sentenced on Sept. 26 in Prince Rupert Laws Court

Mossman began mining operations in 2014 on Banks Island, but the next year government mine inspectors cited his company, saying mine waste and contaminated water were leaking into creeks, ponds and wetlands.

Bank Island Gold declared bankruptcy in 2015 several months after the British Columbia government shut down the mine.


Read the rest of the article at The Sacramento Bee.


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