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MineWatch May Meeting 2021

This virtual community meeting was hosted by CEA Foundation and community partners on May 27th, 2021. It explored the impact of re-opening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine on public health in our community.

The special guest speaker was Dr. Christine Newsom. Dr. Newsom, a retired internist, long-time volunteer, and active community member of Nevada City and Grass Valley.

Topics covered:

  • An update on the timeline of the public process, including when the Draft Environmental Impact Report might be released.

  • A discussion about the potential public health impacts of mine re-opening, including air quality, water, noise, and phycho-social effects.


Some statements included in the recorded presentation deserve correction or clarification.

  • Rise Gold plans to do rock crushing underground, not on the surface.

  • The "processed ore" is not loaded up on trucks and sent to the Centennial site. That is actually where the gold is concentrated.

  • What is hauled to the Centennial site is just the waste rock and tailings.


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