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MineWatch Meeting Sept 2023- VESTED RIGHTS

The MineWatch Community Meeting in September was a rare in-person event. View the recording below or download the PDF below for a quick overview.

Opening - Shafted - Filmmakers Lou Douros and Larry Huntington introduce a new chapter in their series of short films about the mine project.

01:11 – Rise Gold News – CEA Foundation volunteer, John Vaughan talks about the outcomes of Rise Gold CEO Ben Mossman's trial in Canada and the company's appointment of a new CEO.

06:23 – Project Update / Vested Rights - CEA Foundation President Ralph Silberstein gives an update on project status and in-depth overview of Rise Gold's petition for vested rights.

21:15 – What's the Risk? – CEA Foundation volunteer and Wells Coalition organizer, Christy Hubbard, talks about what's at risk if vested rights are granted.

28:25 – Questions and Answers

41:40 – Never Again – CEA Foundation volunteer and Wells Coalition organizer, Gary Pierazzi, talks about the cost to the community of fighting efforts to reopen the mine and calls for a future action to protect homeowners from future battles.

47:50 – Take Action - CEA Foundation organizer Traci Sheehan helps attendees understand how to take action in the coming months.

Note: Shafted is a GoFundMe project. Learn more.

Note: CEA Foundation's legal team is preparing a response to Rise Gold's vested rights petition. Please considering making a donation to help.

Sept 26 MineWatch Community Meeting
Download PDF • 6.71MB


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