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MineWatch October Meeting 2021 - GroundWater Impacts

Special Guest Speaker Dr. June Oberdorfer reviews Rise Gold's groundwater hydrology report, tells us where the modeling is flawed, and makes recommendations for what could be done better.

This virtual community meeting was hosted by CEA Foundation and community partners on October 28, 2021.

1:17 The meeting begins with CEA Foundation leaders, Barbara Rivenes and Ralph Silberstein giving a progress report on the effort to oppose the mine.

9:22 Dr. June Oberdorfer, a Hydrogeologist with a broad range of experience with groundwater resource and contamination issues, makes a special presentation on the potential impacts of the mine on groundwater. She share her review of Rise Gold's publicly-available groundwater report. Her talk includes:

- Groundwater under current conditions

- Predicted impacts of mine dewatering and their short-comings

- What Rise Gold's studies reveal about impacts to wells

- Recommendations to reduce uncertainties

53:55 - Questions and Answers. Dr. Oberdorfer answers a number of questions from the audience.

1:11:50 - Take Action - CEA Foundations' Traci Sheehan gives more detail on progress made and what the community can do to take action.


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