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Reed Hamilton: What's in the mine for us?

Rise Gold is trying to convince us that the mine will be good for us, but local resident, Reed Hamilton, questions their claims and brings up a number of potential downsides. It's clear that a thorough economic analysis needs to be completed before any decisions are made.


"...comments have pointed out the financial weakness of Rise Gold and its short history, including bankruptcy and the CEO’s abandonment of the toxic waste of another mine.

When I look at the whole picture the question is what do we get out of this?

While we could benefit from more good jobs, will those hires be local or imported? Will the jobs be mostly temporary? Will tax revenues offset the increased cost of public services and road maintenance from an industrial project?

Will the increase in power demand threaten our already vulnerable electrical system? Will mining activity decrease the value of local businesses and residences and, if so, by how much?

Will our tourist industry be damaged by traffic, noise and pollution from the mine?"

Read entire article in The Union.

Reed A. Hamilton lives in Grass Valley.


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