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Reopening a mine may spell disaster for our community

Read GV Resident Tony's Lauria's short, but powerful argument for why the dangers of the Mine outweigh any rights to a financial profit. You can also read this in The Union.


Analyzing this proposal at the basic level of common sense, I see no gray areas for dispute. The risks of permitting a heavy industrial mining operation, under residential property, outweigh any rights to financial profit.

When you truly consider what this proposal is all about, it is money. It’s not about the health, safety and welfare of the thousands of residents in the area.

It’s about taking. Taking away our clean, proficient wells. Taking away our clean air. Taking our energy resources. Taking away our quiet natural environment. Taking away our life’s investment in our homes and properties. Taking away the beauty of our natural habitat.

Proponents of this proposal have an interest in making money for themselves. What is unspoken, but true, is that this money will be made off the backs of the citizens who live here. We have seen it before. It is written in history, all around us. If there’s any doubt, take a look at this documentary of the most recent gold mining travesty inflicted on our county:

Anyone in a position of power and charged with upholding the best interests of the residents of this community must stop this egregious attack on our town. I don’t believe any of the multitude of impacts can ever be mitigated to less than significant. They will devastate our community. There are no studies or reports that can 100% guarantee a safe outcome for any one of these impacts.


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