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‘This is not OK’: Organizers mobilize in light of Rise Gold survey

Check out The Union's coverage of our Day of Action! So proud of our amazing community who came out in force to show the absurdity of Rise Gold's privately-funded survey - which claims the majority of residents support the mine. Our volunteers talked with people across Grass Valley and Nevada City and heard overwhelming opposition to the mine, with nary a supporter to be found.


Mine protesters organize in pursuit of "peace of mind“

One hundred and ten people signed up to protest at six different locations around Nevada County on Thursday to spread information about the potential risks of reopening the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

Tracy Sheehan helped organize the event to get petitions signed and distribute anti-mine signs, a yellow-and-black accessory for yards in the area. Sheehan, who worked to oppose Centennial Dam three years ago as coordinator for the Foothills Water Network, said the public-facing event was meant to counter any traction Rise Gold may have gained after publishing survey results she said are the antithesis to the community’s true, overwhelming opinion.

Read the rest in The Union.


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