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Richard Drace: Rise Gold proposal is risky, rude and just plain wrong

From beginning to end, local resident, Richard Drace, skewers the anti-mine argument and raises a few on-target points that we don't hear enough about.


The many contributors who have expressed their significant concerns about the Rise Gold proposal deserve our thanks. Perhaps it’s time for a bit of summary of a few salient points. Taken together, their arguments present a compelling case for denying the project application.

Water, water, (not) everywhere: Scientists say they’ve been wrong about climate change; it’s happening more quickly and more severely than they predicted. We’re in a climate-change-influenced megadrought. Yet pumping out a million gallons a day or more for 80 years is no problem because a computer model, quite possibly is as much a parody of objectivity as the recent Rise satisfaction survey, says it will be OK?

Job applicant: If you were an employer and you looked at Ben Mossman’s resumé and his references for his company, would you hire him? Past performance may be no guarantee of future results, but it sure is a strong indicator when it comes to a sketchy company CEO’s track record.

Read the rest in The Union.

Richard Drace lives in Grass Valley.


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