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Tony Lauria: What’s not in the mine report

There are hidden impacts to the proposed mine reopening that are not being acknowledged, according to Tony Lauria. Residents are having to spend time and money on warding off a lifestyle takeover by a foreign company that is only considering profit for themselves rather than being considerate of our community and way of life.

Read it below, or read it in The Union.


The unseen impact of the proposed mine is the stress, time and money spent by the community to stop this egregious attack on our water, air, quality of life, and threat to devalue our homes and property. In other words, we are being put through the wringer.

We have all been forced to endure this abusive assault to win a permit that would let nothing stand in the way of grabbing the gold, literally, under our feet.

We are all contributing our gold to stop it. We are hiring attorneys. We are paying for posters and fliers. We are spending evenings and weekends in meetings. We each devote endless hours writing commentaries, reading the documents and formulating plans and actions that will bring a halt to this atrocity. And sometimes, we stand dumbfounded in the face of such greed and disrespect.

There are no words strong enough to describe how wrong this is for a company to invade our residential community and risk our health and well being for their own profit.

It is utter disregard to the human decency of common consideration and respect for the people who live here. Their claims of low impact are continually spewed to the media, which further associates them with the unsavory, sly tactics of an organization that’s only focus is on what they can take from us in the name of profit.

History has proven the detrimental effects of deep bedrock gold mining. We have dozens of contaminated sites from the 1800s, still toxic to this day. Any company that would deny those facts, is a company that should be denied permission to mine where people live.

If you value the current way of life in our fine towns, please speak up. Read the draft environmental impact report and make your comment to the county, that this should never happen in our residential community. Go to for more information, sign up for newsletter, and to join the efforts to stop this unacceptable proposal.

Tony Lauria lives in Grass Valley.


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