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Against the mine: Environmentalists, activists explain their opposition to the Idaho-Maryland Mine

The Union just wrote an article about organizations opposing the mine. What do you think? Did they cover it well? Please read the following then jump over to The Union's post and join the conversation.

P.S. If you can't comment on The Union's site, try their Facebook posting.


A broad and eclectic range of local organizations have come out in opposition to the Idaho-Maryland Mine, including environmentalist nonprofits, social justice activists, and river conservation groups.

Seventeen organizations have signed onto a web campaign, titled “Stop the Mine,” which was initiated by Community Environmental Advocates (CEA), a Grass Valley nonprofit focused on environmental awareness and activism.

The organizations that have signed onto the petition formally opposing the mine include The Sierra Fund, Earth Justice Ministries, the South Yuba River Citizens League, and a range of other local entities. While the mission statements and specific focuses of each of the organizations may vary, they all have the same message when it comes to the topic of reopening the Idaho-Maryland Mine: This is a mistake.

Read the rest in The Union.

Stephen Wyer is a staff writer with The Union. He can be reached at

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