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Groundwater Impacts - Dr. June Oberdorfer

Hydrogeologist Dr. June Oberdorfer reviews Rise Gold's published groundwater hydrology report for the Idaho-Maryland Mine. She tells us where the modeling is flawed and makes recommendations for what could be done to follow best practices. When asked whether this report would pass muster as a graduate thesis by one of her students, she was gracious of course, but her answer was a definitive no.

Dr. Oberdorfer was interviewed on KVMR evening news on October 25, 2021. Listen to her five minute summary of what you'll hear in the webinar starting at 17:35 in this radio recording.

Guest speaker Dr. June Oberdorfer is a Hydrogeologist with a broad range of experience with groundwater resource and contamination issues and a professor at San Jose State University. She has advised public interest groups and acted as an expert witness. Her recent research has focused on the interactions between groundwater and surface water in the coastal zone.

This talk was given on October 28, 2021 as Dr, Oberdorfer joined a MineWatch virtual community meeting hosted by CEA Foundation and community partners.


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