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Nevada County Board of Supervisors, Require This Before Approving Rise Gold

Tom Behlmer - Grass Valley Resident August 25, 2020 If Rise Gold is serious about being a good neighbor, they should use electric trucks instead of diesel for the 50 to 100 round trips each day, seven days a week. Electric trucks are made by Volvo, Daimler, BYD and Nikola. This would reduce noise, soot and pollution.

Second, for those whose wells are dewatered, require Rise to reimburse the homeowner for water until the homeowner’s well can be safely restored and to secure this obligation with a bond. The hydrology report says only a few wells are at risk. Then why is Rise unwilling to reimburse for water to all affected home owners? These two mentioned items should be a requirement imposed on Rise by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors before considering a permit. Read full "Other Voices" column in The Union.


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