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Rise Beyond Gold Workshop (Jan 2021 Film Festival)

Watch the Workshop, recorded live on January 23, 2021 during the 19th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Hosted by YubaNet's Pascale Fusshoeller.

This year, SYRCL's Wild & Scenic Film Festival featured a film about the proposal re-opening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine, a relic gold mine in Nevada County, CA. The community faces a foreign corporation that would take the gold from under their property and leave a toxic legacy. Rise Beyond Gold raises bigger questions for the world at large. Why do we desire gold; and ultimately, is it worth it?

The Workshop Panel:

- Host: Ashely Overhouse, South Yuba River Citizen's League, River Policy Manager

- Moderator: Pascale Fusshoeller, YubaNet, Editor

- Jennifer Ekstrom, Filmmaker, and Principal Storyteller, Catalyst Communications

- Ralph Silberstein, Community Environmental Advocates Foundation

- Mike Shea, Impacted Homeowner

- Shelly Covert, Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribal Council, Secretary Community Outreach

- Izzy Martin, CEO, The Sierra Fund

Read CEA Foundation's review of Rise Beyond Gold, which further clarifies several questions raised by the film.


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