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Dr. Newsom on Health Risks of Mine

Learn about the potential public health risks of reopening the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

Join Dr. Christine Newsom as she explores questions about how compromised air quality, water quality, or noise could affect health - including psycho-social effects - in a community that is already struggling with poor ratings for air quality, respiratory disease, heart disease, asthma, depression, and suicide.

Dr. Christine Newsom practiced as an internist in Nevada County for almost four decades, taking care of patients with cases of pulmonary and cardiac diseases. She is now retired. She's a long-time volunteer. And she's an active community member of Nevada City and Grass Valley. This talk was given on May 27, 2021 as Dr. Newsome joined a MineWatch virtual community meeting hosted by CEA Foundation and community partners.


Some statements included in the recorded presentation deserve correction or clarification.

  • Rise Gold plans to do rock crushing underground, not on the surface.

  • The "processed ore" is not loaded up on trucks and sent to the Centennial site. That is actually where the gold is concentrated.

  • What is hauled to the Centennial site is just the waste rock and tailings.

This was recorded as part of the MineWatch May 2021 Community Event. You can view the entire meeting here.


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