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MineWatch News Feb 21, 2021

Dear MineWatchers, MineWatch held a virtual community film-screening about the re-opening of the Idaho Maryland Mine and a panel discussion on Thursday, February 25th at 6:00 pm. See the recording here. Rise Beyond Gold tells the story about a proposal to re-open the Idaho Maryland Mine in Nevada County, CA. The community faces a junior mining company with questionable experience that wants to take the gold from under their property and leave a toxic legacy behind. Rise Beyond Gold also raises more critical questions for the world at large. Why do we desire gold, and ultimately, is it worth it? The movie, created by Catalyst Communications, premiered at the flagship Wild & Scenic Film Festival in January of 2021. Join MineWatchers for a special Zoom screening of Rise Beyond Gold (13-minutes) followed by a panel discussion afterward. The Panel: -Greg Thrush, Sierra Fund will moderate the panel discussion -Jennifer Ekstrom, Filmmaker, and Principal Storyteller, Catalyst Communications -Menkin Nelson, Film Producer -Ralph Silberstein, Community Environmental Advocates Foundation -Carrie Monahan, Sierra Fund -Christy Hubbard, Impacted Homeowner

QUICK FACTS: Did you know that large noisy gravel hauling trucks will run an average of 100 trips (one way) per day, and up to 200 trips? Running 16 hours per day, 7 days per week, that means a truck will pass by every 9.6 minutes, and as often as every 4.8 minutes. Added to that would be numerous other daily cement and materials trucks.


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